Poached Salmon with buttered Asparagus

You can chose this for lunch or dinner as it’s packed full of protein and good fats and bursting with vitamins and minerals from the greens.

What you need: 

🟢1 fillet of salmon (wild if in season)
🟢5 Asparagus Tips
🟢Large head of brocolli
🟢salt and pepper to taste
🟢small knob of Kerrygold butter or unsalted butter

What to do:

Poach your salon for 15 minutes in a pot on your hob and season with salt and pepper. While the salon is cooking prepare your brocolli for cooking:

Add the florets to rapidly boiling salted water for a few minutes (whilst that is boiling move on to prepare your asparagus)

  • Cut asparagus into 2-inch pieces.
  • Saute the spears over high heat in a saute pan with oil or butter.
  • Saute until lightly browned and tender, 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • You can also sauté the asparagus in a wok to stir fry using the same method as above if you prefer.


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