Good Food – Good Mood!

We need to pay attention to what we eat and, and exercise more to keep our stress levels at bay. Life is too short. Get yourself out in the fresh air every day even if it’s just for a 30 min brisk walk.

Women are hugely affected by hormonal imbalance, and it’s not just your method of birth control that may be having an impact.

Over-eating and making a pig of yourself is never worth it really is it?

A big giveaway that you have a hormone imbalance is by looking at your skin. Do you get spots along your jaw, cheek or back? Do you suffer from thin hair or hair loss? Too much estrogen, which can be caused by weight gain, can lead to thinning hair. Another common culprit is your thyroid when your body is under stress and trying to re-balance itself, it redirects energy used for non-essential areas like hair growth to attempting to balance hormones and thyroid levels.

Then there is a bad diet. At different periods of the year, you will intake more alcohol, caffeine, and sugar which wreak havoc on your mood and skin. There is no point in me preaching to you not to do it because I’m no Mother Teresa, I’m a true believer in living your life too!

However, what I would encourage you to do is to avoid drinks that are loaded with sugar. Try opting for slimline tonics, sparkling water or coke or 7-up zero. For every few drinks you have to drink a glass of water, I know it’s easier said than done but you have got to ask yourself how merry do you really want to get? Until you become an ugly drunk? Nobody likes that look, so just be wary of the amount of alcohol you consume.

The following morning after your party night, avoid the full Irish breakfast like the plague, it’s bad news and it will make your hangover worse. Try loading up on drinking lots of water, have some eggs scrambled, poached or boiled with a slice of wholegrain bread. Wash it down with a nice cup of organic peppermint tea. Just eat clean bring your body back and pamper yourself with a face mask and a long hot bath with Epsom salts to detox the body and you’ll be right as rain within 24 hours.

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