The Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics

The key to feeling good is having a healthy gut.

We must feed the good bugs and keep the bad bugs out of our tummies. Once the bad guys get in they’ll have a party and take over which will make you feel horrible.

Do you suffer from bloating, cramps, constipation, and abdominal pain? Often these are signs of (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome, which can be a real problem.

So many other diseases are affected by the health of your gut flora – including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, allergic diseases like asthma and eczema and even depression.

Basically, the ecosystem in the gut has to be healthy for you to be healthy. When your gut monster is out its bacteria invading your tummy and you’ll become completely out of balance.

This is why supplementing with probiotics and prebiotics is so very important.

Probiotics vs. prebiotics. 

Probiotics protect against inflammation and support immunity and healthy digestive function. My favorite is Yakult, which you should be able to pick up in any supermarket. Or you can try and get probiotics naturally from some of your food, for example – by eating some sourdough bread, swiss, gouda or cheddar cheese. Pickles are another fermented food packed with probiotics.

Now, prebiotics is a form of soluble fiber that helps feed the good bugs in your gut. Prebiotics include foods like onions, garlic, sweet potatoes. So this time of year use garlic with all your cooking and pack up on the nice comforting warm stews! Be sure to include these natural gut health supporters as much as possible.

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