Your staff are your most valuable asset. Their productivity is directly related to the food they fuel their body with and their lifestyle choices. The lifestyle choices and food they choose impacts directly on how they perform at the workplace.

Healthy people are more focused and disciplined.  They are naturally more productive and make better team players.  They have great energy and give out good energy and vibes.  It is in your interest to look after your staff’s health and wellbeing.  Show them you care. You will reap what you sow!

Corporate Wellness Programme

All good employers know the staff is their most valuable asset.  It’s your job to keep them happy – and to be happy they must be healthy.

Healthy people are more focused and disciplined.  They are naturally more productive and make better team players. So it is in your interest, as well as their’s, to look after your staff’s health and wellbeing.

With the Corporate Wellness Programme from Elite Living Health and Nutrition, you can make workplace wellness your company’s policy and top priority. It supports healthy behaviour which reduces health risks and the danger of chronic disease.

The Corporate Wellness Programme can help your business to:

o Improve productivity and effectiveness
o Reduce stress and absenteeism
o Reduce downtime due to illness or injury
o Show you care by creating a happy, healthy workforce
o Reduce healthcare costs.
o Improve the atmosphere at work and staff self-esteem

One-to-one- Corporate Nutrition

If you want to improve your own performance at work, Elite Living Health & Nutrition can also help.

We will tailor our programmes to your individual needs.  You will receive a personalised nutrition plan, delicious recipes and a shopping list  – I will take into account your food preferences, budget and cooking skills.

We will make a plan to create and implement positive healthy changes that will benefit your performance in work and everyday life.

I am currently helping people on a daily basis with:

o Acne problems due to their diet
o Food Intolerance and allergies
o Stress
o Exhaustion
o Obesity and weight loss
o Nutrition for kids

Nutrition for Better Sports Performance

All athletes know the value of good nutrition. The food we eat impacts on strength, training, performance and recovery.

I have worked with some very well known sports men and women and I am happy to do a one-to-one consultation with you to assess your requirements.

Good nutrition doesn’t guarantee good performance but it certainly helps.  Elite Living Health & Nutrition can give you a programme to:

o Reduce potential injury
o Delay fatigue
o Enhance performance
o Improve recovery
o Allow you to train for longer periods
o Maintain a healthy immune system
o Improve concentration and focus
o Improve body composition