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Naughty but nice, you will always hear me say it your diet should be a combination of a healthy balance and I live by the 80/20 rule which I spoke to you all about recently in a post. To make these babies You will need: For the crust: •6 digestive biscuits  •3 tbsp. butter, room temperature  For the filling:  […]


With the sun out and a wonderful sense of optimism in the air with all the Hotels re-opened in Ireland today I was drawn down to my local fish mongers to pick up some fresh salmon. This tastes divine is very healthy and so easy to put together with a few simple ingredients. What you […]


This is a simple yet delicious option for either dinner or lunch and very healthy. What you need: •4 oz. (115g) asparagus, tough bottoms removed  •4 tbsp. green pesto   •2 tbsp. olive oil  •8 eggs, lightly beaten  •¼ cup  (05g) grated Parmesan  •1 large burrata, room temperature (5oz./150g)  •basil leaves, to garnish salt and pepper What to do: Remove and discard the woody ends […]

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“I came across Laura from Elite Living Health & Nutrition and I absolutely love her Instagram account! The recipes are so simple and every time I see them I am encouraged to eat healthy. I am fairly healthy myself and also very active but after lockdown, I decided to get back on track and focus more on healthy recipes. I wanted to boost my energy levels again. I contacted Laura and she devised a tailor made plan for me. Within a few days my energy levels increased, my mood was alot better and I actually lost weight. I felt fantastic. Laura was constantly checking in with me and no matter when I contacted her she would reply straight away. That was so reassuring to me. I have full confidence in Laura and I would highly recommend her. She is so committed to her work and she certainly motivated me. Thank you, Laura. Keep doing what you are doing.”

“I started working with Laura 2 weeks ago and she already has me on track to achieve my goals, I have seen significant improvements in my performance and recovery since I’ve started working with her. The diet plan me and Laura have agreed on has massively increased my confidence in my own body and abilities, thus boosting my mental health. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone involved in sport or looking to better themselves. She will without a doubt help you get you into the body shape and weight you desire.”

“I was very lucky to come across Laura’s profile a few weeks ago when struggling once again to manage eating healthy while travelling for work every day and also being quite sedentary at work. Every evening I would return home feeling sluggish and tired and the idea of cooking healthy food let alone do any exercise was a struggle. Laura created a bespoke nutrition plan to suit my lifestyle and offered 24/7 support while I was on the plan. Laura ensured I was accountable for my food and exercise throughout the programme and motivated me to stay on track to the very end. From start to finish she was a dream to work with and has helped build really positive habits into my daily life which I struggled to build on my own. Very grateful to Laura for her knowledge & support and looking forward to seeing continued results going forward.”

“Where do I even start. I signed up with Laura after seeing some posts from her on social media.  I was immediately impressed when I went on her website but to say I’m in awe of her now is an understatement. After the questionnaire, Laura designed a plan to suit me. I needed a complete reset and I knew it! I genuinely thought yes, I can do this.  Laura customised a plan for me based on lifestyle and work and family commitments. It slotted in perfectly. The daily texts became something so uplifting, so positive. A little pep talk, encouragement and on we went. I did 18 days with Laura and feel better than I have in years, leaner, fitter, healthier, I’m glowing. It genuinely has been the best gift. The best decision I’ve made for myself. It’s such a customised, personalised plan, I don’t think there is anything like it anywhere else. Thank you so much, Laura.”

“I followed Elite Livings plan in June 2020 as I needed a reboot and wanted to kickstart my metabolism with a healthy eating plan.  Laura was awesome to work with, she provided great guidance and instructions for preparing and managing the vegetarian plan she designed for me to meet my goal and her enthusiasm and energy to coach me daily was great motivation for you.  As I am a vegetarian, Laura ensured my plan was tailored to my needs and provided lots of really interesting and tasty recipes.  Many of which I am still using.  I felt very energised, slept a lot better and I felt a lot bloated after the Elite plan.  I felt so much better.  I highly recommend Laura to get anybody looking to get back on track and boost metabolism. Thank you Laura!”

“I met Laura at the perfect time at an event last year! Met her the Saturday started with her the following Monday. She sent me through a diet plan based on my preferences and allergies. OMG so worth it!! Laura would text daily and I would send her updates of my food.. it was brilliant to have 24/7 support!!! I needed that accountability. I lost almost a stone on her 10-day plan and felt amazing!!!! I would highly recommend Laura for anyone like me who needed that extra push and support.”

“Day 7 of the Cahalane challenge, husband and myself doing great and our 19 year old son has joined in too. We have had some fantastic lunches and dinners thanks to your coaching. I do love cooking, but was getting sick of the same dinners hard with kids. But I’m enjoying it now and enjoying shopping for fresh food.  We never felt so healthy, my husband needs this for weight loss, not a lot but to keep him fit. I’m going along with it and starting to look very trim in my skinny jeans. I highly recommend elite living health and nutrition, our eating habits have changed for good!”