Nutrition Course

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✔ On the Nutrition course you will be given your own unique login to access the Elite Living Nutrition Academy Portal on your laptop, mobile, desktop or tablet, any time and anywhere you want.

✔ The course is accessible to you at any time, to complete at your own pace.

Course Accreditation:

✔On course completion you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion & Achievement issued from the Elite Living Nutrition Academy which you can display proudly in your home or office.

On this course, you will learn from the below modules, as well as gaining access to a 30 day healthy meal plan including delicious recipes:

The Nutrition Fundamentals Part 1:
✔ Protein
✔ Fats
✔ Carbohydrates
✔ Fiber
✔ Micronutrients
✔ Phytonnutrients
✔ Water
✔ Fructose

The Nutrition Fundamentals Part 2:
✔ Micronutrients Functions, types benefits and more
✔ Phytochemicals foods in an eating plan
✔ The functions of water in the body
✔ Fructose – The good, the bad and the ugly

The Advanced Diet Protocols:
✔ How diets work
✔ The Paleo Diet
✔ Intermittent Fasting
✔ Carbohydrate Cycling
✔ Carbohydrate backloading
✔ Elimination Diets
✔ Reverse Dieting

The Advanced Nutrition Protocols:
✔ The ketogenic diet
✔ The metabolic restoration diet

Personalized Nutrition:
✔ Plant-based nutrition
✔ Young people
✔ Older people

Lifestyle Management:
✔ The importance of sleep
✔ The importance of exercise
✔ All about stress

✔ The base supplements
✔ Creatine
✔ Advanced workout nutrition

Sport Programming:
✔ Nutrition for endurance athletes
✔ Nutrition for physique athletes
✔ Nutrition for strength & power athletes