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By the end of this program, you will know: -How to choose foods for optimal health, weight loss and vitality. – Valuable tips and tricks for restoring your gut health no matter where you are in the world.

This Restore your Gut 8-week Program is designed for the person who is ready to shed weight naturally, restore gut health, boost energy and feel fabulous.

When digestion is sluggish, people experience a myriad of health issues such as:

    1. Bloating
    2. Headaches
    3. Poor skin
    4. Lack of energy
    5. Poor stamina
    6. Hormonal imbalances
    7. Low sex drive
    8. Acne
    9. Cellulite
    10. Poor sleep

When the body is toxic from poor gut health, liver toxicity and stress, it cannot do its job and you simply can’t perform or fire on all cylinders.  When you improve digestion and make lifestyle changes, your life and health will change.

By signing up for this 8-week gut health course, you will learn from the below modules:

Program Introduction & All about Gut Health:
✔ Daily schedule & what to expect
✔ Kitchen Facelift
✔ Understanding food allergies & reducing toxicity
✔ Probiotics  & gut healing, cultured foods and more

Understanding your body and what to eat:
✔ Food combing & alkalinity
✔ Healthy bowels
✔ Liver supporting foods
✔ Curing sugar cravings and more!

Mind & Body Connection & Gut Health Roadblocks:
✔ Bacterial overgrowth & candida
✔ Autoimmune diseases & hormonal imbalances
✔ Movement and Breathing

Gut Healthy Lifestyle, wrap up and useful resources:
✔ Healthy snacking
✔ Healthy eating on a budget
✔ Suggested Health Meal prepping when on the move

✔ Benefits of alkalising for a healthy gut
✔ Discover the benefits of coconut oil and healthy digestion
✔ Suggested meals and shopping list for eight weeks that are easy to digest, easy to prepare and created to support gut health
✔ Restore your gut health recipe guides including substitutions that are allergy friendly and dairy free
✔ This eight week program is loaded with recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, salads, dips, deserts and cultured foods galore
✔ Recipes are chef designed and flavour loaded for you to support gut restoration naturally
✔ Beautiful designed Omnivore recipe guide loaded with 62 recipes
✔ Vegetarian recipe guide loaded with 59 delicious healthy recipes all designed by celebrity chefs
✔ You will receive 4 e-books. Each e-book will teach you how to restore your gut health with ease plus how to manage stress, one of the biggest contributors to poor gut health
✔ You have a recipe book loaded with recipes, juices, smoothies and cultured vegetables
✔ Personal food diary: You will be provided with a personal food diary – a guaranteed smash hit and key took in changing eating habits.  This power personal food diary can help you identify how you relate with food
✔ Plus, you have tons of handouts, just in case you have a question about releasing stress, coconut oil benefits and more
✔ You will also learn the secret to great digestion, good sleep, self-care and good gut health
✔ List of top energy food
✔ Simple steps to restoring your gut health and losing weight forever