By now most of us are into a week of healthy eating and living and most of the sugars you ate over Christmas should be leaving your body. You should be beginning to feel less bloated and more energetic?

It was lovely to lay in bed last night and to answer so many of your questions and to get so much great feedback from the basic tips and inspiration I put out there and it’s great to see a lot of you implementing them and getting results!

Sugar is something we all struggle with, some more than others! But when you cut refined sugars from your diet and processed foods and packaged foods you will get optimum energy and vitality. Now that the weekend is upon us again so quickly it’s easy to reward yourself, but do you really want to reward yourself so soon only 5 days into it? My advice is to wait. Keep going until the end of the month, you owe it to yourself to push yourself and to challenge your mind and body. Hang in there, if you really feel like a reward tonight, rustle up a homemade curry and use some cauliflower rice instead of rice (I use Green Isles) and if you feel like a few squares of chocolate with your cup of tea tonight just eat two squares of Lindt 90% chocolate, don’t deny yourself what your craving but work around it sensibly. Other brands of cauliflower rice and 90% chocolate are perfect too.

Try to make this weekend an active weekend, get out walking, plan a destination nearby your home for tomorrow or Sunday and wrap up nice and warm, go hiking maybe, a brisk walk on a scenic route just keep moving. You don’t necessarily have to bust yourself up in the gym if you don’t like it because remember 80% of your abs are made in the kitchen!. Do what you like doing, do what makes you happy because then you are more likely to stick to it and if you really have to go out this weekend due to a special ocassion or whatever the excuse, be sensible don’t undo your hard week’s work, choose tonic water or sparkling water with your gin, etc, stay away from beer, it’s full of sugar and will completely bloat you. If your eating out stick to fish and meat with vegetables and ask for all sauces on the side, skip dessert or ask for a fruit salad (just as delicious)

If you’re getting pressured by the food pushers, tell them to enjoy their own food and to leave you to enjoy yours and remember when you get up in the morning if you do go out tonight, get straight back on track tomorrow, get back in the saddle, don’t reward yourself with a big fry up. There are healthier options and you know it.

If you need extra help to stop the cravings and you feel you could do with some vitamins check out my online store where you can purchase a huge selection of health and nutrition products straight to your door. Each product is described very carefully to let you choose the best product available for you.

Have a great weekend everybody xx