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Tuna & Sweet Potato Frittata

[wvc_recipe title="Tuna & Sweet Potato Frittata" subtitle="Serves 4-6 slices depending on how big you are serving them" description="This dish is guaranteed to please your entire family and keep you satisfied for hours. Frittata's are full of healthy nutrients and are a great source of protein. Frittatas are an easy dish to add lots of colourful vegetables to (that even kids and fussy eaters will love). I added some Shines Wild Irish Tuna in mine for an added protein punch that also contains omega 3 which is good for our brain health and skin." ingredients="Coriander chilli sauce 1 garlic clove 1......

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Cheese fish pie

The bait is over! Introducing my special Dubliner Cheese fish pie……

#AD I’ve teamed up with Dubliner Cheese to show you the many ways to enjoy the delicious Dubliner Lighter range. What I love about Dubliner Cheese Ligher is that it has the same delicious “Distinctively Dubliner’ taste, with 33% less fat! It is a great choice for those seeking a low-fat option, that is naturally...

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Vanilla & Cinnamon Protein Balls

Vanilla & Cinnamon Protein Balls

[wvc_recipe title="Vanilla & Cinnamon Protein Balls" image="9512" calories="114" protein="5" carbs="10" fat="7" prep_time="10" description="With back to school well underway and all the parents only delighted. I am being asked a lot about healthy snacks to get people through the day including the kids in school. I also did a column for KilkennyNow.ie on back to school nutrition for kids. Pop over to www.kilkennynow.ie to see my column published. There are some very helpful tips in there for you for your kids going back to school and how to help you get their nutrition right. I have put together this recipe for......

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Go with your gut instinct!

Is it time to kick the can?

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which involved the study of over 125k people, they have discovered clear links between the development of leukaemia and lymphoma when fizzy drinks are consumed on a daily basis The killer ingredient in fizzy drinks is called aspartame, all you need to do is turn the back of the can around and you’ll see it’s the main ingredient. Personally, I kicked the can over two years ago and here’s what I noticed, my face doesn't look bloated anymore and my teeth look naturally whiter. Admittedly I had a......

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Quitting sugar isn’t easy I know but here’s some basic help

By now most of us are into a week of healthy eating and living and most of the sugars you ate over Christmas should be leaving your body. You should be beginning to feel less bloated and more energetic? It was lovely to lay in bed last night and to answer so many of your questions and to get so much great feedback from the basic tips and inspiration I put out there and it’s great to see a lot of you implementing them and getting results! Sugar is something we all struggle with, some more than others! But when......

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I've a bone to pick with you!

I’ve a bone to pick with you!

Thanks to talented Archeologists across the world they have discovered evidence that our ancestors were putting pots in open fires at least 20,000 years ago! Homemade broth contains an impressive nutritional profile and is very easy to make Some benefits of drinking bone broth are: Collagen - bone broth is rich in collagen peptides which is essential for good health. Collagen is the main protein in your bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails in both animals and humans, that's why my dogs love bone broth, they have a natural instinct to eat what their bodies crave, pity humans didn't! Your......

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